Armed Combat is probably the most visible thing that we do within the S.C.A. Members of the SCA practice two distinct forms of combat, Heavy Weapons and Rapier.

Heavy Weapons is exactly what you would think of when someone mentions medieval combat. Armor, swords, axes and all the bashing and smashing you could hope for! Our Rapier combat is more along the lines of what one would expect to see in a Three Musketeers movie! Whichever style you end up participating in you are sure to enjoy yourself beyond measure.

SCA combat is a competitive sport, but with an important difference – our concept of personal honor and chivalry. When

 you’re fighting, you’re not trying to impress the judges. Marshals are not referees, although they can be called upon to act as one. When you receive a blow that “feels good” to you (don’t worry, you’ll learn the difference) you are honor-bound to call it as a hit. And the same applies to your opponent.

SCA fighting is not staged or choreographed. All fights are “live”; the outcome of a list or battle is never predetermined. The champion of an engagement is decided when one opponent 

acknowledges that the blow landed by an opponent was of sufficient force to have 

caused death. All fighters are on “their honor” to determine whether or not a hit is considered a killing blow. The Marshals do not act as referees nor do they decide a match. They are present to merely enforce the safety regulations.