A Message from the Seneschal



Lady Annice Argent (Argent of Sacred Stone)

About the Office:

 A Seneschal was an officer in the houses of important nobles during the Middle Ages. In the French administrative system of the Middle Ages, the Seneschal was also a royal officer in charge of justice and control of the administration in southern provinces.

The Seneschal is the chief administrative officer of a canton or other local group. Their job includes coordinating other group officers as required for the smooth operation of the group and is responsible for the relations between the group and outside agencies. The Seneschal presides over group business meetings and is responsible for understanding and, when necessary, interpreting baronial, kingdom, and society laws as well as ensuring that they are followed appropriately.


Edward Perry

About the Office:

The Exchequer was, and in some cases still is a part of the governments of England including Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland (present day United Kingdom) that was responsible for the management and collection of revenues. Over time the various Exchequers have also developed judicial roles. The term exchequer also refers to the table used in the medieval period for monetary calculations.

In the S.C.A. the Chancellor of the Exchequer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the local group, supervising the finances of the group, and assembling financial reports and submitting them to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer in a timely fashion.



About the Office:

Originally heralds were messengers sent by monarchs or noblemen to convey messages or proclamations — in this sense being the predecessors of the modern day diplomats. In the Hundred Years’ War, French heralds challenged King Henry V to fight. During the Battle of Agincourt, the English and the French herald watched the battle together from a nearby hill; both agreed that the English were the victors, and the French herald provided King Henry V, who thus earned the right to name the battle, with the name of the nearby castle.

Heralds in the S.C.A. are responsible for advising Royalty on matters of court business, supervising court heraldry at events, and coordinating the research and submission of names and armory for individuals.



About the Office:

This officer is in charge of welcoming and facilitating new participants into the SCA including recruiting, on-boarding, and transitioning members from other branches.

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Lady Anne of Middlegate

About the Office:

The Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for supporting the study of art forms, technologies, and those aspects of culture relating to their use, both in period and in local group activities.

Lady Ailis inghean Ui Riagain

About the Office:

Derived from webmaster, this officer is in charge of maintaining the Internet presence of the group.